Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Imagining India - RIP 1 December 2007

Canapé of nashi pear topped with cumin, avocado and tahini paste, finely grated carrot, mint tea soaked currants, fresh mint leaves and cumin.

Chef Notes
Went down well – was trying to go for something completely refreshing to start things off and the nashi and mint combined well. Perhaps a little too much tahini or the avocados were a little overripe. Maybe could have done with some sesame seeds.

Shaved cucumber, red onion, Vietnamese mint, lemon juice and green chilli salad set in a soup of yogurt and paprika roasted tomatoes and topped with cumin roasted cashews.

Chef Notes

Didn’t know how this would turn out – thought it might be too many flavours with the paprika, cumin and chilli – was perhaps fortunate to forget the grated turmeric although the strong orange would combined well with red soup and green salad. A little more chilli next time to so the experience isn’t comfortably mundane.

Slow roasted eggplant topped with a tamarind and coconut sweet potato puree and fresh coriander.

Chef Notes
Haven’t had much experience with tamarind and perhaps overdid it a bit… But the coconut milk and fresh coriander offset any over-powering sweetness.

Lemon and coconut millet served on fresh mint leaves and topped with a reduction of dates, coconut milk, lemon juice, star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, fennel seeds and cardamom pods.

Chef Notes
Was close to sweetening the millet with honey but glad I didn’t. The syrup had so many flavours that the 'bland' taste of millet was a perfect accompaniment. Fresh mint and lemon zest helped contrast the rich flavours.

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