Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Danish Delivery - RIP 18 December 2007

Carrot, thyme and caramelised onion soup topped with shredded red cabbage, figs, walnuts, thyme and olive oil.

Chef Notes
The onions made the soup so sweet and combined with the figs I thought it may be a little overwhelming as an entrĂ©e but the cabbage cut through and gave it a surprising texture – maybe could’ve done with some sort of spice…nutmeg…paprika…

Hollowed cucumber filled with a cream of avocado, sage soaked raisins, lemon juice and zest, shallots, alfalfa sprouts and cinnamon and served with grated red radish, sesame seeds and raisin juice.

Chef Notes
Hollowing the cucumbers proved more difficult than I thought and ideally they would have been thinner. The filling didn’t quite achieve the taste I was expecting – next time either less raisins or more avocado – radish was a last minute addition some presentation value.

Thyme cooked chickpeas pan fried with nigella seeds, red onion, lemon juice and baby spinach. Served with thinly sliced roma tomatoes topped with roasted garlic fresh basil and olive oil paste.

Chef Notes
Nigella seeds made this dish – less dusty than cumin and not as sharp as caraway – a little more salt when frying the chickpeas would have been ideal. Tomatoes…perhaps could have been grilled with the garlic paste on top?

Lavender infused yogurt served on frozen carob, coconut oil and honey slice ganache and accompanied by a chunk of honeycomb and fresh lavender.

Chef Notes
Presentation was disappointing – I though the yogurt would have thickened more than it did but the taste of both ganache and yogurt was just what I wanted – macadamias could have been honey roasted maybe. Take II of the dish later that night when Cat had left turned out slightly better.

First cut followed by Take II

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