Thursday, December 20, 2007

French Revolution

Zucchini filled with peas, mint soaked prunes, paprika, ricotta and caramelised balsamic red onion.

Lemon roasted asparagus spears resting on a tarragon beetroot mash topped with grated macadamias.

Nutmeg and coriander flavoured cauliflower and buckwheat fritters topped with a chive and goat cheese spread and served with sweet capsicum relish.

Figs two ways: (1) Stuffed with cinnamon ricotta, sage and walnuts and grilled with honey. (2) Poached in an orange and mint glaze then served with an apricot cream and sweet pistachio dust.

Like what you see? All you need to do is send me an email...introduce yourself (name, age and what you do), tell me your favourite food and put together a pitch of why i should cook for you. Good luck!


kirsten said...

oh me please?

Nathalie said...

Hi Joel.

Your new years sounds a lot more fun than mine! I'll have to make that my goal for '08-'09.

Thanks for giving me something to think about. Should you instead of reminiscing the past either live only in the now or be inspired by your future?

Well, you at least inspire me to be more creative in the kitchen!