Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Italian Job

Danish feta coated in roasted walnuts and dressed with balsamic marinated black grapes and minted honey.

Oversized ravioli filled with oregano and basil pesto flavoured ricotta topped with parmesan and olive oil and served with rosemary shafted tomatoes dusted in paprika.

Polenta pizza base of roasted pepitas, Bulgarian feta and oregano topped with a caper, olive and ginger tapenade, baby spinach, red onion, roasted red pepper, fresh basil and bocconcini the served withcracked pepper and sea salt.

Twin slices of ground hazelnut, cinnamon and coffee cake soaked in espresso with 1) topped with mascarpone and a split of lemon zest and grated dark chocolate and 2) topped with a hazelnut, coffee and honey crust and grilled then served with gashed strawberries and a hiding sprig of mint.

Italy...sweet basil, cheese, ripe tomatoes, cheese, coffee, cheese. Obviously not a menu for any lactose intolerants... An Italian menu with the seal of approval from both Silvio and the Cosa Nostra. Got a craving for an Italian feast? Email me: for an invite. Buona salute!

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