Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Gourmand's Picnic - RIP 11 May 2008

Can you hear the crunch of the pomegranate seed? Taste the sweet muddled goats cheese? Smell the pungent truffled potatoes? Or marvel at the pillows of rhubarb creme?

I hope so. Photos from A Gourmand's Picnic were taken, edited and then lost care of a faulty usb.

Hopefully the review provides adequate colour and flavour.

The highlights for me:
  • A olive success and another winning combination care of the amazingly adaptable Nigella seed;
  • Rich creamy goat cheese offset with sweet fig and crunchy pistachio and a wholesome flatbread;
  • Truffled potatoes - what a flavour with a salty hit of capers. Thankfully balanced with a fresh salad highlighted by roasted sweet cornm hazelnuts and mint; and
  • The rhubarb creme - another hit stand-alone dessert. Banana and carrot bread - moist, spicy, sweet and nutty.

A Gourmand's Picnic required a boot-load of cutlery and serving dishes, a mountain of tupperware and plenty of patience but was definitely worth it. Perhaps the first of many offsite GG meals...perhaps once the thermometer rises above 20C...

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