Monday, May 12, 2008

Global Gobbler guest #9 - Cathy

Name: Cathy
Age: 25
Occupation: Full-time traveller, part-time marketer
Favourite food: Japanese – simple, cheap and thankfully with a distinct lack of MSG.
Why she deserves the Global Gobbler experience: Being a bit of a foodie and new to Melbourne I may as well start at the top of the culinary chain!

The Verdict

Entrée – there was a nice balance between all the ingredients. The grapes soaked in balsamic vinegar were not too tart or acidic, and it complemented well with the feta cheese and roasted walnuts. My suggestion would be to half the portion as it was perhaps a little rich for an entrée.

Side – This was a fantastic ‘giant ravioli’! The filling was delicious and left me wanting more, but only declined because I knew that if I stuffed myself early, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the main and dessert. I loved the way the roasted tomatoes were prepared. When I had cut into them, the fragrance of the rosemary made it really alluring. A minor tweak would be to have a slightly thinner pastry and perhaps a drizzle of premium olive oil if the chef wanted to heighten the flavour a little more.

Main – The presentation was colourful and an inventive take on the humble pizza. The roasted veggies layered over the polenta were just perfectly prepared. For the second time in the evening, I was left wanting a little more, but sadly felt quite full. The melted bocconcini had hardened by the time it reached the table, but that did not take the attention away from the other ingredients.

Dessert – Really enjoyed the hazelnut flavoured cake. The portion that was soaked in coffee was quite subtle, and would have preferred a bit more flavour. Everything else was wonderful.

Overall, I had a fantastic evening as the host is warm and friendly. He has a wonderful journey ahead of him because of his passion for food and his eagerness to perfect his meals.

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