Saturday, April 19, 2008

Global Gobbler guest #7 - Bill and Keps (The Brothers Mince)

Name: Bill (creator of the new Global Gobbler logo - champion)
Age: 24
Occupation: Sketching the world - one face at a time and a valuer on the side
Favourite food: Mince - with pasta
Why he deserves the Global Gobbler experience: A fellow blogger bucking the corporate trend - the world needs more of them.

Name: Keps
Age: 22
Occupation: In demand jazz man and up and coming writer.
Favourite food: Mince - with rice
Why he deserves the Global Gobbler experience: The fact that he just got back from 7 months in South America was enough of a reason - i held back the envy well I think...

The Verdict

As a university student of limited finances it is a rare treat to eat out and enjoy a meal that is prepared by a creative and passionate chef, with flavours so delicate and varied that you become emersed in the experience. After this Saturday night, I am convinced that I’ve found the best four course meal-deal in Melbourne. While I came to Joel’s house on the promise of free food, I left with a whole new appreciation for the subtleties of cooking.

Having only recently returned from a holiday in Samoa, Joel shared his experiences of eating simple, plain meals. He has built on the potential that the island’s staple ingredients offer and set the scene for a modern adaptation of Samoan cuisine, complete with the key protagonists: coconut, plantain banana, taro and papaya.

The entrée, papaya with coconut jelly, had an understated tang, owing to the combination of lime juice, mint leaves and soothing texture of the coconut jelly. Served with fresh coconut juice, it was a subtly sweet introduction to the flavours of Samoa.

The fa’alifu fa’i put plantain bananas to interesting use, where they took on a potato-like role in the dish. These bananas were cooked in a spicy, creamy sauce and covered with roasted peanuts, seeds and turmeric. The nuts and seeds compensated for the lack of solid texture, adding a nice amount of chew and injecting a kick of flavour into the dish.

After eating two courses, it was a surprise to then see our main meal brought to the table! The palusamis, little bundles of flavour held together by roasted cavalo nero, combined the sweeter currants and wakame with more savoury ingredients. Taking a bite was best done slowly, to give these splashes of flavour an opportunity to be fully explored. The coconut-roasted taro chips were an interesting addition.

The humble pancake was given a makeover for the dessert. Melted palm sugar, roasted coconut and cocoa coconut butter replaced the ice cream and maple syrup, creating a rich and indulgent conclusion to a spectacular meal.

Meticulous attention to detail, creative presentation and an exciting variety of flavours and colour. Thanks for a very enjoyable meal, Joel.

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