Monday, April 7, 2008

Dreaming of Samoa

Fresh coconut juice shooter to begin.

Red papaya spears marinated in lime juice and served with coconut jelly and a minted papaya foam.

Fa'alifu fa'i: Plantain bananas cooked with onion, turmeric, coriander seeds, kaffir lime leaves, lime and coconut cream and topped with roasted peanut and coriander seed dukkah and freshly grated turmeric.

Palusami: onion, coconut cream, wakame, currants, poppy seeds, black pepper corns and coconut milk wrapped in cavalo nero and served with crispy coconut-roasted taro.

Banana and cinnamon pancakes served with cocoa coconut butter, lime roasted coconut, and freshly grated palm sugar.

After 8 days in Samoa I wasn't short of inspiration. Samoan flavours...coconut, banana, taro, coconut... Tried to liven the food up a little and hopefully I haven't basterdised traditional Samoan cuisine too much. A special thanks to Simolo from the village of Malie for introducing me to Samoan culture and food.

Like the look of this Samoan banquet? Flick me an email with your name, age, favourite food and why you deserve a seat at the table. Gobble up.

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