Friday, January 30, 2009

Master Chef - Take 2

Three dishes for Messrs Preston, Calombaris and Mehigan at MasterChef audition - day 2.

White gazpacho served Martini style with a toothpick of grapes.

Cannelini beans cooked with saffron, chorizo and thyme.

White witlof layered with aioli, marinated red peppers and white anchovies.

The food stood up apparently. The personality didn't. Advice from the judges: "More footy, less yoga, yeah?" Ha, thanks George.

No photos (cameras weren't allowed during filming) but MasterChef begins on Channel 10 in April/May and Global Gobbler may show up if the 'character' making spherical peas doesn't hog all the air time ; )

1 comment:

Jack said...

You prempted the sad truth of the week, 'More footy, less yoga' and tears will buy tv time. But I guess the 'tossr' knew that. You should have brought the footy Joel, would have been great behind the 'jailhouse' razer wire!