Saturday, March 8, 2008

Global Gobbler guest #5 - Remy-M

Name: Remy-M
Age: 31
Occupation: Teacher as well as a protector of Indonesian monkeys
Favourite food: Apples
Why she deserves the Global Gobbler experience: Well, i'm never going to get to Afghanistan to sample the produce so maybe this will make do?

The Verdict

The presentation was effective. The aromas were balanced and the plate was full of colour. I loved the merging of sweet corn and earthy parsnip and spicy cumin, almost too much (!) but saved by the fresh coriander – perfect balance on the palate! The condiments were not required but were perfect all the same – a tasty jam and thick sour cream.

The three citrus rinds gave this a marmalade-y flavour without the overpowering sweetness. And what a yummy salt! The almonds could have been a bit less finely chopped – and my first, and definitely not last, experience with metallic nigella seeds.

And this is where Remy's review ended...a combination of the hot sun and beverages consumed the evening prior were to blame - and not, I am promised, my cooking! My housemate enjoyed the toils of my hours in the kitchen but was hesitant in providing a photo.

So you will have to rely on my completely biased chef notes!

And the final comments from Remy: "When I asked Joel what they ate in Afghanistan he kept on telling me goat. There was no goat but I didn’t mind at all! Osama would be proud of you Joel. Thank you. Remy xo"

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