Monday, March 17, 2008

Eating in Spanish

Gazpacho: tomatoes, red and yellow bell pepper, Spanish onion, cucumber, garlic, basil, mint, chives, flavoured with orange, red wine vinegar, lemon and olive oil served with walnut and rosemary buckwheat flat bread.

Orange flavoured rocket topped with crispy prosciutto, sliced figs, roasted almonds and mint then topped with manchego cheese and nutmeg

Baked tortilla of kipfler potato, fresh peas, black olives, caramelised red onion, paprika, lemon rind and basil cooked in a saffron aioli.

Frozen orange shell filled with chilled cinnamon, lemon zest and pine nut ricotta and served with basil and honey baked figs.

The guest for this menu has already been chosen - fitting that I repay my Spanish conversation partner with some food in exchange for her having to put up with my stunted and 'muy corta' attempts to converse... The review will be coming shortly - in Spanish I am told...

Don't despair though, another menu will be posted shortly. I am feeling some Asian inspiration on the way so email me with your name, age, favourite food and why I should cook for you and you may score an invite to the next Gobble.

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Anonymous said...

Yo me gusta comer Espagnole...... No fair!