Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lunch of Gods - Sardines

In the fading days of summer I promised a couple of my favourite gentlemen the highly revered beauty from the sea. The humble sardine. Raised to new heights and worshiped.

A run and swim in the salty waters of Port Phillip Bay was the perfect preparation for the feast. KR took out the run, JB took on the sting rays while BM was too busy searching for the elusive red mullet.

First course - home grown watermelon (a horticultural success), mint, lemon juice and feta.

Next up - gazpacho (tomatoes, peppers, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, soaked toasted ciabata, sherry vinegar)

And of course - the sardines. Served on garlic rubbed toasted sourdough with aioli, rocket and lemon.

Serve with cerveza while the salt dries in your hair.


bunchesmcginty said...

Very good looking sardines. And you grew your own watermelon?

You must tell the gods.

Joel said...

Batter and crumb were definitely not required for the sardines. The gods were smiling that day, I do keep good company I guess...

Montgomery said...

Gee whizz those photo's are wild Sir! A ladyboy and child abuse all caught on camera.

Something smells very fishy!

Pop Tart

Anonymous said...

You were awesome on MasterChef. Over at the official forum everyone is complaining that 'Poached Egg Guy' should have gotten through to top 20. Not entirely sure how they confused poached chicken with poached egg, but you're definitely the high point of the series. I think you might also have some stalkers there as well...

One favour to ask though: could you please please please please post instructions on how you did that poached chicken with egg dish? That looked absolutely amazing and I would like to try to make it.

Many thanks!

Joel said...

Recipe for the dish: poached egg, shredded chicken and blackened corn will be posted shortly...it wasn't enough to make it through to the top 20 but did score some preston praise - and a 'yeah yeah' from george!