Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Only in Afghanistan - the Osama Diet

Parsnip, cumin, fresh coriander and sweet corn rosti served with a red onion, paprika and mint jam and crème fraiche

Leeks slow baked in triple citrus rind (orange, lime and lemon), nutmeg and sage and served with roasted almond and nigella salt.

Afghani kofta balls: millet flavoured with dates, lime zest, fresh turmeric, fennel seeds and dried chilli coated in a crust of crushed walnuts and coriander seeds then served on tomato and cucumber checkers with a coriander, chilli and lime salsa.

Baked pears stuffed with a pistachio, date and rose petal paste served with cardamom and rose water yogurt and garnished with honey frozen rose petals.

So you've tried every other diet and need some inspiration? Introducing the Osama Diet... Want to experience the flavours of Afghanistan without ending up in Guantanamo? Email me globalgobbler@gmail.com with your name, age, favourite food and why I should cook for you and you may score an invite to a meal inspired by a country which sits proudly at the top of the Department of Foreign Affairs 'do not travel' list.

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