Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Japan on a Plate

Buddah’s Tears green tea to begin...

Salad of yellow and white nectarine, wakame and red radish flavoured with honeyed ginger and sesame oil, ringed with tamari roasted seeds (pepita and sunflower) and raisins.
Soba noodles flavoured with kome miso, shallots and coconut oil served with (1) sesame and soy marinated white cabbage, (2 ) pickled ginger and a (3) soy and wasabi granny smith pulp.

Nori rolls filled with an avocado and hatcho miso paste, black sesame seeds, rice wine vinegar flavoured roasted pumpkin, red capsicum and cucumber and served with soy and wasabi.

Cherry and mint agar agar jelly served with fresh cherries, coconut milk granita and mint leaves.
A trip to Japan is definitely on the cards - until then I will have to make do with wakame, soba ginger and soy.
Any Japanese expats want to judge just how far from traditional fare my interpretation is? The deal remains open (scroll down to the end for an explanation of the deal) - send me an email with your name, age, favourite food and why I should cook for you - and chances are an invite will follow. よい食欲

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